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Services & Care

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)
The newest advancement in Corneal Refractive Therapy, Paragon CRT. Paragon CRT temporarily corrects nearsightedness (myopia) with or without moderate astigmatism. For more information visit our Corneal Refractive Therapy page.

Contact Lenses
Contact lenses can be a safe, effective way to manage vision problems. They are, however, a foreign object in the eyes and can cause eye disorders if not fitted and followed carefully. Our office places a great emphasis on keeping our patients happy and healthy contact lens wearers. Call to discuss our contact lens policies.

Sports Vision
In the competitive world of sports, body control works in coordination with vision. Many sports training techniques are used to enhance performance and help reach sports goals. For information on golf or specific sports please call to speak with Dr. Levinson.

Dr. Levinson is one of the only eye doctors in Central New York to specialize in the condition of Keratoconus, which causes great amounts of distortion and blurred vision. There are three treatments offered to correct keratoconus, which includes a therapeutic contact lens fitting. Second and third treatments would be considered following failure of the first, with options including surgery. Please call Dr. Levinson if you have any questions regarding this visually impairing condition.

Reading and Learning (Vision Therapy)
Dr. Bruce Levinson and Dr. Joseph Ditota specialize in Vision Therapy. Our Doctors and OT evaluate children with reading and learning difficulties. In addition, we test binocularity, visual motor integration, and visual perception. The occupational therapist and our Optician Tiffany Tarbe work with children to improve areas of concern that hinder reading and learning. Even though your child can read 20/20, this does not mean his or her eyes are performing correctly. A child should be seen by a competent eye doctor at age four onwards on an annual basis.

Vision, Reading and Learning Seminar
Dr. Bruce Levinson and Dr. Joseph Ditota offer this course on a regular basis throughout the country. It is designed for occupational, physical, and speech therapists, nurses, and teachers who work with the pediatric population or in the adult rehabilitation population.

This seminar is designed to help therapists, teachers and nurses to develop a comprehensive understanding of vision and how vision can impact the reading and learning process. Moreover, the workshop will teach how to reform visual and binocular abnormalities that may affect reading learning. A three component model of vision will be presented stressing the importance of visual pathway integrity, visual efficiency and visual information processing disorders. Treatment options will be discussed including both compensatory strategies and vision therapy.

Pediatric Vision
We recommend that a child be examined by age four. If a problem is suspected, an earlier appointment is necessary. Many children suffer from a condition called "lazy eye," which refers to amblyopia or strabismus. Amblyopia is a condition that is medically defined as a dimness or partial loss of vision. This condition can be corrected if diagnosed and treated before age eight or nine. After this age, it is very difficult to improve a child's vision. Strabismus is a term that indicates a misalignment of the eyes. This can often be corrected with glasses, but in some cases, surgery may be necessary.

In case of an emergency, call our office. If we are not there, we have instructions on a recorded message. We are dedicated to providing you with the best care when you need it. Please call if we can serve you at 655-4964 or 455-8933.