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Eye Exams

We know it is important to be thorough. That's why we offer a comprehensive eye examination that will uncover hidden, symptom-less, potentially sight-threatening eye disorders and diseases that are not found by a simple vision screening.

Medical History
The eyes are a part of the body, and can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions. Therefore, at Eyecare of CNY, we must know about your general health and your medications including non-prescription medication. This will help your eye doctor to treat you better.

Neurological Screenings
Evaluating the way your eyes and pupils work together and individually can tell us if the nerves and muscles controlling your eyes are working properly or require more investigation.

Your eye doctor at Eyecare of CNY will use both automated and doctor-controlled instruments, plus the patient-directed methods, to obtain the best prescription glasses for you.

Binocular Assessment
Many perceptual and reading dysfunctions are secondary to poor binocularity. Your eye doctor at Eyecare of CNY will evaluate the way the eyes team together.

Visual Fields
Your ability to see to the side, above and below will be tested with computers if and when necessary.

Eye Health Testing
Your eye doctor at Eyecare of CNY will test your eye health. This is the most vital part of proper eye care and takes up most of the examination time. Your eye doctor will use the microscope, dilate the pupils and view the inside of the eye using proper instruments. The optometrist can then detect early signs of glaucoma, cataracts, hypertension and even diabetes.

Photographs of the front and/or the inside of the eyes are taken if there are findings that need to be reviewed and compared at a later date.

We do Optomap Retinal Exams to obtain a wide field view of the retina. This is a thorough screening that provides a greater view of the back of the eye and assists in detecting eye conditions and diseases. For more information visit our Optos Optomap page.

At Eyecare of CNY, the eye doctor will provide you with an explanation of the findings, their significance, the treatment plan and other options to all patients, parents or guardians. Your eye doctor will answer all your questions and the solutions to any difficulties will be reviewed.